Sunday, October 28, 2012

The Cannabis affect!!!

Update 11/7/12: Voters legalized recreational use of marijuana in Colorado and Washington yesterday. Look for a second pump on all these stocks I mentioned below on a post I did on this blog last month. Recently they also all had a bit of a pullback. 

Below was posted on 10/28/2012

13 Marijuana Legalization initiatives headed to the ballot in eight states in 2012. CBIS, MJNA, GRNH, HEMP, MWIP, and PHOT might get some unusual trading volume at least until election day (November 6, 2012). I'll do an update on this post and see what the price changes on these stocks turn out to be. Right now as of October 28, 2012 the prices are as follows: CBIS is .0503, MJNA is .125, GRNH is .04, HEMP is .0585, MWIP is .0048, and PHOT is .04.

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