Tuesday, December 18, 2012


Since I didn’t make any trades today, I just wanted to answer 9 questions I have been getting on Twitter and StockTwits.

1.) My trades of the day I post on this blog-site are day-trades I made that day. They are also winning  day-trades, but if I had no winners that day, I’ll post a losing trade and show you why I  probably went wrong on that trade.
2.) 90% of my trades are day trades.
3.) 10% of my trades are swing trades.
4.) I don’t trade options or futures.
5.) I average about 5 round trip trades each day. I trade about only 200 out of the around 250   trading days each year. So: (200 X 5)=1000 round trip trades a year.
6.) Only about 48% of my trades are winning trades this year (2012), but my accounts are up over 160%.
7.) 80% of my buy trades take place within the first 30 minutes of the market open.
8.) Type of trading strategies I only play:
·         80% Dead Cat Bounce or regular bounce plays.
·         10% Breakout plays out of a strong resistance.
·         10% Shorting overbought stocks on a very short-term level.

9.) Finally, I think for myself. The strategies I created to profit from the markets has been over 8 years in the making. I don’t trade on anybody’s ideas or opinions.  


Anonymous said...

Nice stuff, but why are your win percentage so low?

TraderMike said...

The reason why my win % is so low is because I have a very super tight stop, sometimes just a few cents away. I usually re-enter back that same trade if an entry signal appear, but I never average up or down.

Anonymous said...

If you don't mind me asking...what is your average profit per trade when you take in account for all your losers and winners?

TraderMike said...

@stockworks, I've been averaging around a $59 profit on each trade I made so far this year (2012).

madmoneyvids said...

I love 9!! That is one of the biggest things I have come to realize. I can't just blindly follow others. I have to rely on my own judgement.

TraderMike said...

@madmoneyvids, Yep, most successful traders define their own goals and then they choose a style of trading that is compatible with those goals. Also be sure your personality is a match for the style of trading you choose.