Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Trade of the day, HGSH (cont. from yesterday)

So usually my trade of the day is a daytrade I profited on, but today I only had 3 daytrades and none of them made me money. Yesterday I traded HGSH (look at yesterday's blog post) and held it overnight hoping for a gap up so I can sell it into up pressure. Well it pretty much did the opposite, and I ended up selling it right at the open for 3.30, a .03 point gain on a 1000 shares. A $30 gain is better than any loss any day to me. Anyways, probably won't be trading on Friday unless I see a huge gap-down/collapse on a stock that looks that it might have a Dead Cat Bounce before the close at 1:00p.m est that day.
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Happy Thanksgiving everybody!!!!

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