Friday, November 23, 2012

Trade of the day, KITD!!!

My only day trade today was KITD. Had to try and catch this dead cat bounce even though I probably missed a huge bounce when it traded at .40 on Wednesday during after-hours, and then had a high of 1.25 during pre-market trading this morning. Today I didn't trade on any type of chart signal strategies, but a physiological number of .75. I put in a limit order at .75 and got 5000 shares filled around 11:18a.m est hoping I'll be able to get a bounce before the close to a profit target to at least .80. Well as you might have notice, I didn't reach my profit target and decided to get out before the market closed at .74 for a loss of only .01. I wasn't going to hold this stock over the weekend. If KITD has a nice gap down or dip at the open on Monday morning, I'll probably try again. Have a great weekend everybody!
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Anonymous said...

What was your stop after you got into KITD at .75?

TraderMike said...

I usually put in a stop order after I get filled, but today I didn't and just had a mental stop around .68 or .69 because I knew I wasn't going to leave my computer until the market closed. My risk/reward was horrible, pretty much 1 to 1.