Friday, December 7, 2012

Trade of the day, AMRN!!!

The picture above is AMRN year to day daily chart. It had a nice support level around 9.50 a share, so right before the open, I put a limit order to buy 1000 shares at 9.50 and got filled within 21 seconds. I knew this might work because it only had a low of 9.42 during pre-market trading this morning.
This stock was acting very erratically the first hour of trading, but when it started to somewhat consolidate a bit, I placed my second stop at 9.49 and decided to hold on until it either got to my profit of at least 9.95 or 5 minutes before the closing bell. Well as you can see on the picture above at the green arrow, I had to wait 5 minutes before the close to sell, and sold it at 9.69 for a .19 point gain. I thought I might get a short squeeze covering rally at the end, but it never materialized.
Have a great weekend!
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2 comments: said...

Live charts are very helpful to understand trading market. I always trade after getting Commodity tips from experts & view all the related information that relates to my trade. So, this way mostly i get profit. I never do anything bit early because this way i can even lose my money. So, if you will trade wisely, you have more chances to earn huge profit.


TraderMike said...

I only use live real-time charting. Remember, everybody has their own trading style. Plus, I haven't had a losing year since 2002.