Friday, January 4, 2013

LPH still halted, and who knows for how long.

As you may know, my trading style is trading on people's fear. Yesterday the fear was fully in LPH, but ended up becoming my worst nightmare when it got halted with me stuck in the trade.  Last year (2012), I got stuck in 2 halted trades, but the stocks I were in got unhalted within a few hours. I think it maybe awhile before this stock gets unhalted. The reason I say that is because AMEX has a tendency of halting stocks for almost forever, remember GBG. This stock (GBG) has been halted since mid-September. So if anybody gets any news about when LPH is going to get unhalted, leave a comment on this blog post, or send me a message on either twitter or Stocktwits. Thanks!  


Anonymous said...

A lot of fraud investigation going on with this company. It will probably get delisted sometime this month and start trading over the counter.

TraderMike said...

I hope so. Don't really care about the amount of my capital lock in the stock, just that it's sitting there in limbo doing nothing.