Thursday, January 31, 2013

Trading quotes for January of 2013!!!

Trading quotes for January of 2013
Trading quote for today (1/04/13): “It's okay to be wrong when a trade doesn't work, but it's never okay to "STAY WRONG" on that same trade.”

Trading quote for (1/07/13): "The markets change continuously and so must you. What worked last year or even last month may not work now."

Trading quote for 1/08/13: "Do not be careless or reckless with your investing/trading. You invest/trade for profit, not for fun and games."

Trading quote for 1/09/13: "Don't be a bull, don't be a bear: Be a predator, constantly lurking and stalking the 'easy prey/money'."

Trading quote for 1/10/13: "Trust your gut, if something doesn't 'feel' right, sell/cover it. Analyze (emotion free) it from the sidelines."

Trading quote for 1/11/13: "A risk-reward ratio of one to one is not worth it. You should prefer to see: 'Risk [1] $100 : Reward [3] $300'."

Trading quote for 1/14/13: "Adding to a losing position regularly is one of the best ways to end your investing/trading career."

Trading quote for 1/15/13: "Investing/Trading is a business and you should treat it as such. Know when to enter and exit the markets."

Trading quote for 1/16/13: "Investing/Trading in stocks is a lot like a beauty contest. What looks best, wins."

Trading quote for 1/17/13: "Beware of price move without the volume to match. Low or weak volume on huge price moves are very suspect."

Trading quote for 1/18/13: "If you're getting all your trading strategies/tips from people's tweets, you shouldn't be playing the markets." 

Trading quote for 1/22/13: "Never short a market in momentum mode." We are now in a strong upwards trend.

Trading quote for 1/23/13: "Most losing streaks start because a 'basic' rule was broken, then your emotion starts talking over the trade."

Trading quote for 1/24/13: "Believe it or not, often/most times the best investments/trades require you to 'buy high' and 'sell higher'."

Trading quote for 1/25/13: "Do not let your greed get the better of your judgment."

Trading quote for 1/28/13: "NO plan, NO TRADE!"

Trading quote for 1/29/13: "Professionals average up; amateurs average down."

Trading quote for 1/30/13: "If your trade or investment is not working, it's okay to say 'I'am wrong and what do I need to do now'."

Trading quote for 1/31/13: "Act when you see an opportunity and be content to stand aside when you do not."